Immobiliere Diar Frigui


Société Diar FRIGUI de promotion immobilière crée dans le but de moderniser la promotion immobilière dans la région du Sahel et en Tunisie d'une façon géné.

Av. khalifa el karoui ,khzema ,sousse 4051 Souse, Tunisia.
+216 93 943 296

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4 things to watch for in your Home :

4 things to watch for in your Home :

1. Humidity of the moisture content inside your home constantly exceeds 70 your home can suffer from it. You too can suffer the consequences, in the form of respiratory problems or irritations.

2. The moldIf you notice the appearance of mold, step in quickly. If mold stains are still small and rarely prevalent, commercially sold products will likely end. If the problem is more serious or wider, e.g. finding mold between walls, call on disaster cleaning specialists.

3. Lead Formerly, plumbing or pipelines were often lead. Over time, this lead finds itself in tap water. If your house is of a certain age or suspect the pipes are lead, get the water tested.

4. The radon Radon seeps into the house through cracks or joints. When locked in a closed space like a home, it may lead to a high concentration that can lead to a health risk, including lung cancer. Radon testing is best to check your concentration.

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